Burger Liquor


Burger Liquor (129 Willis Street)

Burger Liquor always appears wildly busy from the outside, and the humming, funky vibe it suggests continues once you enter. They don’t really take bookings, so I often find myself frequenting Burger Liquor when it’s a busy weekend in Wellington and I have forgotten to book somewhere. It is hugely popular (and almost slightly overrated, in my humble opinion) and really provides an amped up American diner experience with burgers, curly fries and shakes. There are about 12 burgers on the menu, a range of snacks (include dumplings, edamame, fried chicken and jalapeno poppers – a personal fave) and variations of fries, and just as many (if not more) shakes available. It also boasts an extensive rum and bourbon range. There are two rooms extending beyond the bar (the booths are my favourite spot) and the turnover is pretty high; meaning if you are made to wait for a table you never have to wait that long. If you manage to nab a table when it’s quiet, there is a range of board games available. It’s an all round great experience, but best enjoyed when you are feeling like a hearty, relatively unhealthy and greasy meal.

Price range: The burgers are really cheap, ranging from $10 – 15. If you get fries, shake and a burger I would expect to pay between $20 – 25.

Best dish: The Bengal Tiger is a suburb vegetarian burger. I love the curly fries, jalapeno poppers, fried chicken and the Notorious P.I.G burger (pulled pork, in case you hadn’t guessed!)

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