Lemon meringue pie = to die for!

Loretta (181 Cuba Street, Te Aro)

Hands down, it is one of my favourite places in Wellington. As a sister of Floradita’s, you know it’s going to be good! Whether it is brunch, dinner or anything in between, Loretta does it all, and it does it all extremely well. Tucked away on Cuba Street, I walked straight past it the first time. But once you go in, you see it’s skinny entrance extends into a long and narrow funky restaurant. When you arrive you walk straight past a gorgeous table set up with all of their daily baking; the lemon meringue pie and the hazelnut, pear and chocolate tart are both sensational. Scattered around the place are assortments of fresh produce; whether it be coconuts and pumpkins, or the crazy flax plant down the back – once you start noticing it, produce is just everywhere! If you have to wait for a table you get to sit right in front of the open kitchen, which is an absolute tease to the taste buds because you see all this delicious (and sometimes unusual) food being made right in front of you.


Best dish: If I’m there for brunch, I seriously struggle to order anything but the waffles. Alongside Prefab, I think Loretta does the best waffles in Wellington; their toppings are such that you never walk away feeling like you’ve absolutely overeaten. The pizza is delicious, and if you are there for dinner I would highly recommend anything involving artichoke or cauliflower.

Price range: If you go for brunch, just your standard $20, but if you go for dinner allow a little more; probably between $25 – $40.

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