Plum Cafe


Plum Cafe (103 Cuba Street)

One of the few cafes and restaurants on Cuba Street that doesn’t specialise in a particular cuisine, rather it has a focus on producing classic Western food with a side of class. It has a decadent cabinet, a yummy menu, and a kitchen that rivals the size of your broom closet (but that doesn’t matter, because you don’t go in there!).

There seems to be no shortage of foreign wait-staff, which always makes for a fun time. Our Canadian waitress was super lovely, and fussed over us as a mother duckling would with her chicks. There is something for everyone on the menu – there is a mixture of your stock-standard burgers, salads and typical brunch items as well as some more exciting items if you are feeling adventurous.

Always a safe option, but nothing super exciting about it. A solid 4 stars, I reckon.

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