Sterling Woodfire Eatery & Bar


Sterling (101 The Terrace)

The owners of Wellington’s Park Hotel made a good decision when they invited the owners of Egmont Street Eatery (everything to do with Egmont Street Eatery is always a good decision!) to operate Sterling, a modern bar and restaurant located on The Terrace, exactly where The Pub used to reside. It’s modern and funky, with a sophisticated feel. The chef is Ben Convery (ex-Mekong Baby; one of Ponsonby’s gemstones) and he has adopted a traditional French style of cooking, in that every meal is served with its own unique sauce. The menu is pretty fancy; the brunch menu has some exquisite choices (I think it would be entirely possible to come back here several weekends in a row and order something equally as tempting each time) and the lunch menu matches that of the dinner – which makes for a more costly lunch, but a sensational dinner. I came here for lunch last week and was delighted to see that the special was the infamous Wellington on a Plate Burger which I had missed when the competition was on: Awatoru venison burger with beetroot relish, house-smoked cheese, juniper pickled celeriac and Sterling secret sauce, with truffled shoestrings. Also, the oysters were OUTSTANDING! It’s good to see Wellington’s delicious eateries spreading into the Lambton area – somewhere which has struggled in the past to house fine restaurants.

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