Review: The Crab Shack

The Crab Shack (5 Queen’s Wharf)

I can see the entrance to the Crab Shack from my desk, and I am always envious of the people who go there for a sunny lunch and spend the afternoon sipping on ciders outside.  For me, it is definitely a place I think of when it is sunny and I want to go to the waterfront. It has a relaxed vibe, the staff tend to be quite chatty and the food they serve is comparable to glammed up bar food. There is a decent range of bite sized plates – tacos, fries, calamari, chicken wings and the like and there is also several seafood options – mussels, oysters and other goodies served in a pot.

If possible I like sitting outside because you can get pretty close to the water’s edge, but on a cooler day sitting indoors is a good option. It’s pretty hip and vibrant, and I always think to myself that they play decent music.  It’s reasonably priced, good variety – somewhere I would definitely recommend for a sunny, casual day!

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