Tommy Millions



Tommy Millions (101 Courtenay Place and 142 Featherston Street)

Most Wellingtonians have ventured to Tommy Millions after a night out ($5 pieces the size of your face – seems like even more of a bargain after a few drinks too!) and some have even made the trip back sober – both of which are equally delicious. Located conveniently at one of town’s busiest intersections, Tommy Millions collects a lot of foot traffic as the smell of baking pizza wafts down the street. The pizzas are huge; I’ve collected pizza on behalf of our group before, and to walk carrying three enormous pizza boxes is actually quite a mission. My favourite flavour is the spinach and mushroom, but a lot of my meat-loving friends rave about the porker. The new store on Featherston Street often has a new flavour too, which changes regularly. Like all pizza, Tommy Millions tastes delicious when its reheated the next day (I recommend oven, not microwave).

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