Wright & Co


Wright & Co (10 Joll Road)

When Fleur took Jordan out on her home date (a reference to the New Zealand Bachelor show) everyone said to me “oh you must know that cafe!”. I was thinking “no… I do not” – which is most unusual for me. But when I went home a few weeks ago Dad introduced me to Wright & Co – yet another fabulous addition to Havelock North’s ever improving culinary scene. It was light and spacious with a well thought out interior design. The menus were proudly on display behind the counter, which was stacked high with freshly baked goods. Parts of the menu were paleo-friendly, and although I aren’t paleo myself, I always endorse a menu that supports various dietary requirements. I ate there twice in as many days, and I look forward to visiting again next time I am home.

Classic bacon and eggs

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