Sleepless in Seattle

Our time in Seattle sure was a laugh and a half. Andy and I arrived by train from Portland and we made our way to our Air BnB near Capitol Hill, where we were scheduled to meet our friends driving down from Vancouver that evening. We dropped our bags and headed back to Capitol Hill for some thrift shopping, browsing, and a yummy Thai dinner while we waited for the others to arrive. Our Air BnB was a very tall and skinny house, with a tree-house style room at the top – thankfully a sleeping space that Andy and I didn’t have to become too acquainted with.

Each day in Seattle began with coffee from Squirrel Chops, a delightful little cafe located near where we were staying. Andy and I were the benefactors of a group of people who had visited Seattle many times before, so we were able to mostly go with the flow when it came to activities. Naturally, our first move was to head down to Pike Market and explore the Seattle waterfront. The whole area was absolutely thronging, so much so that at times I felt compelled to step outside for a break! One of my main takeaways was the ridiculously affordable flowers, even with the conversion rate. (One of my main takeaways from the USA was just how expensive it was – even the supermarket felt disproportionally overpriced.) We saw the OG Starbucks before picking our way up to a cafe for lunch.


Bainbridge Island was next on the agenda. Catching the ferry across the harbour gave us a unique and beautiful perspective of the city, a sight which none of the others had seen before either. One of my favourite author’s (Kristin Hannah) writes a lot of books set in the Pacific Northwest, in particular Bainbridge Island, so I was excited to check it out for myself. We went for a walk around the wee township, perusing the quaint stores and stopping for ice cream before returning to the mainland. We were also afford excellent views of Mt Rainier (which of course Andy was very excited about) – the photo below doesn’t really do it justice! 


We couldn’t visit Seattle without going to a Mariners game, so that evening we were stadium bound! The atmosphere at US sports games is incomparable to anything else I’ve ever witnessed, even when it’s just a stock standard game (the Seattle stadium is notorious for its acoustics at the best of times). I had an absolute blast at the game, there was just so much going on. I highly recommend going to a MLB or NBA game if you ever get the chance!


The following day was set aside for museums and galleries. Despite hearing such good things about the museum of pop culture and the museum of glass, I was quite content to grab an iced coffee and walk around the streets below the Space Needle. Andy joined me and together we worked to orientate ourselves in this shiny water-front city, using the Space Needle as our point of reference of course. 

We walked the scenic route home, via a few different breweries in the Pike/Pine area. We got turned away from the first one we went into, because the Americans didn’t believe that our NZ ID was legitimate! We ended up at one where we also had dinner on the patio, as we made the most of the balmy summer evenings.

That evening we played a blindfolded drinking game (where we had to guess the drink’s flavour, colour, alcohol type etc without seeing what it is – very adult of us, I know!) before heading out for some cocktails in Capitol Hill. At midnight a few of us peeled off home to watch the Matildas beat France in a gruelling and suspenseful quarter final – I think the contingent that went home early to watch the game actually found it harder to sleep that night with all the adrenaline coursing through our veins! 

The next day we enjoyed a leisurely stroll around the local Capitol Hill farmers market before beginning our journey back to Vancouver. I said in my Portland post that I was interested to see whether I liked Portland or Seattle more – my answer: Seattle. Seattle felt like a highly liveable city, very similar to Vancouver in many ways – but without the backdrop of the snowy mountains! 

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