Video: Intrepid through India

On the first night of our G-Adventures tour, our guide asked us all why we were excited to be there. My answer was that a) I love culture shocks; b) I had always wanted to travel somewhere with my mum; and c) I had always wanted to try an organised tour. India seemed like the perfect opportunity to do this – and I couldn’t be more excited.

I think India was a really good place to do an organised tour with mum. India was pretty stressful at times, and it was nice having Manu, our Indian guide, with us to help in those situations. He took a lot of the thinking out of some of the planning and organising we had to do, and provided some amazing insight into Indian culture.

It was a pretty whirl-wind trip, you will see on  my blog all the places we went to in under two weeks! My video is an attempt to capture some of the Indian vibe in a way that photos just can’t.



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