Video: Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is one of the most diverse countries I have ever been to. There is so much to see and do that I found it incredibly hard to cram it all into this one wee video! South East Asia is a very popular travel destination for young people these days, and Sri Lanka is similar in many ways – but with triple the dose of ‘mellow’ and ‘nature’. As I have told basically anyone who asks, it is very much my kind of place. I love elephants so much and the safari that mum and I went on meant I got to see literally hundreds of them drinking right in front of me – truly a magical experience. We also got to eat lots of yummy fresh food, curries, and of course, fruit. It was for the better part, extremely cheap (with the odd exception) and definitely an adventure when it came to getting around. I can only hope that as word spreads about how incredible it is, Sri Lanka can maintain its beauty and natural feel.


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