The southeast Asian country that I was most excited to visit – even its name is exotic.

My Vietnamese posts:

  • Capital: Hanoi
  • Population: 92.7 million
  • Currency: Vietnamese dong
  • Language: Vietnamese
  • Highlights:
    • Ho Chi Minh City: so much traffic and chaos, it is difficult to take it all in. An absolute must-visit is the tunnels of Cu Chi: an underground network which was used as a military base for the Viet Cong soldiers.
    • Nha Trang: happy hour by the sea, Nha Strang screams party, booze and beaches.
    • Dalat: unique from the rest of Vietnam – less humid, French-colonial style housing and lots of waterfalls and caves to visit.
    • Hoi An: described by Lonely Planet as being Vietnam’s most atmospheric and delightful town – I couldn’t agree more.
    • Mekong Delta: travelling through and around can certainly be quite the intrepid experience.
    • Sapa: a mountainous village, perfect place to experience a hike or a homestay.
    • Halong Bay: One of the new 7 Wonders of the World. Massive limestone pillars and tiny islets immersed amongst beautiful water. Easily the most visited tourist attraction in Vietnam.
    • Hanoi: big and bustling, but oh so beautiful. Fare more quaint that Ho Chi Minh.
  • Did you know?
    • Its flag consists of a golden star, with five points to represent farmers, workers, intellectuals, youth and soldiers. The red background plays tribute to the blood shed during the war.
    • It is home to the world’s largest cave, Son Doong.
    • The motorcycle is by far the most common form of transport.
    • 20% of the coffee market share belongs to Vietnam – and it is the second largest producer in the world. Trying is a must-do, it comes with condensed milk and is very tasty!
    • Vietnam is a communist country.
    • The war ran from 1954-1975 and its duration saw five different US presidents reign. The war is estimated to have cost the US $200B.
  • Useful tips:
    • Make sure you check whether you need to get a visa before you land in Vietnam
    • Tourists are frequently exploited – there are so many scams, so watch your back!